One year of books

I live in Paris. This blog shows my growing book collection.

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Mossless, The United States (2003-2013)

Published 2014

Amy Stein, Cait Opperman, Thomas Prior, Trevor Paglen, Michael Itkoff, Jessica Auer, George Underwood

Lara Shipley, Eric Ruby, Ari Gabel, Missy Prince

Lucas Foglia

Suzanna Zak, Daniel Shea, Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley, Morgan Ashcom

Timothy Briner

Lindsay D’Addato… my favorite photograph in the album

Ilona Szwarc

Vanessa Winship

Jeff Wall, Tableaux pictures photographs 1996-2013

Published 2014 by Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam)

Passerby, 1996

Morning Cleaning, Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, 1999

After “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue, 1999-2001

Overpass, 2001

A view from an apartment, 2004-2005

In front of a nightclub, 2006

War game, 2007

Boy falls from tree, 2010

Summer Afternoons, 2013

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