Robert Adams, I hear the leaves and love the light

Published 1999 by Nazraeli, 2000 copies

Index A to Z

Published by Rizzoli, 2014

This book is super exciting ! incredible mix of people. Fantastic.

Robert Adams, No small journeys

Across shopping center parking lots, down city streets


Published 2003 by Matthew Marks Gallery, bought at Jeu de Paume










Phil Collins, Yeah…, baby you

Published 2005 by Milton Keynes Gallery, back from my storage.

The Marches, 1988-2000

Enduring Freedom, 2001-2002

Britney, 2011-02

Bagdad screentests, 2002

They shoot horses, 2004

The world won’t listen, 2004-2005.

It is my favorite piece. I cried watching this video.

Marcelo Krasilcic, 1990s

Published 2013 by Osmos.

Keizo Kitajima, Untitled Records Vol.1

Published 2014, by Kula. Bought at Le Bal.

Bill Viola, Grand Palais’ exhibition catalogue

Published 2014 by Éditions de la Réunion des monuments nationaux

My favorite video of the show : Ascension, 2000

My very favorite video of the show : Fire Woman, 2005. The total must see.

The Dreamers, 2013

Robert Adams, Sea Stories

Published by Yale University Press, 2011. Bought at Jeu de Paume.

Helena Rovira, Aparcamiento

Published 2013 by Lindero Libros, edition of 100.

Nan Goldin, Eden and after

Published 2013 by Phaidon, bought at Le Bal books

I had similar sheets at the boarding school !


Love that picture.

Wish I was one of these girls !

Special thought for my brother, Damien and my mum.

The picture that decided me buy the book. Incredible.

Ola Rindal, Tokyo Flowers

Published by Livraison, 2014. Edition of 333.