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I live in Paris. This blog shows my growing book collection.

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John Szarkowski, Mirrors & windows - American photography since 1960

Published 1978 by the Museum of Modern Art

l: Walter Chappell, Number 10, 1958 ; r: Art Sinsabaugh, Chicago Landscape #299, 1966

Walter Chappell, Untitled, 1959

l: Dave Heath, Arnie and Sheila in 7 Arts Coffee Gallery, New York, 1959 ; Max Waldman, Untitled (Marat / Sade), 1966

l: Jerome Liebling, Slaughter house, 1960-61 ; r: Danny Lyon, Ellis Prison, Texas, 1968

Robert Heinecken, Refractive hexagon, 1965

l: Lucas Samaras, Photo-transformation #6469, 1976 ; r: Leland Rice, Wall site #34, 1977

l: Bill Arnold, Untitled, c. 1970 ; r: Mark Cohen, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 1975

Joseph Dankowski, Manholes (from an album of 27 photographs), 1969-71

Richard Misrach, Stone #4 (Stonehenge #1), 1976

l: Garry Winogrand, Untitled, 1957 ; r: Garry Winogrand, Los Angeles, 1964

Joel Meyerowitz, Christmas, Kennedy Airport, 1967

l: Diane Arbus, A young man in curlers at home on West 20th street, New York city, 1966 ; r: Diane Arbus, Untitled, 1970-71

Diane Arbus, A child crying, New Jersey, 1967

Bill Zulpo-Dane, Four postcards, 1973-76

Chauncey Hare, Escalon Hotel before demolishment, San Joaquin valley, California, 1968

William Eggleston, Memphis, 1971 ; Stephen Shore, Meeting street, Charleston, South Carolina, 1975

Nicholas Nixon, Heather Brown McCann, Mimi Brown, Bebe Brown Nixon, and Laurie Brown, New Canaan, Connecticut, 1975

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