Phil Collins, Yeah…, baby you

Published 2005 by Milton Keynes Gallery, back from my storage.

The Marches, 1988-2000

Enduring Freedom, 2001-2002

Britney, 2011-02

Bagdad screentests, 2002

They shoot horses, 2004

The world won’t listen, 2004-2005.

It is my favorite piece. I cried watching this video.

Daido Moriyama, Takuno

Published by Sokyu-Sha 2005, bought on ebay auctions

Katsumi Omori, Encounter

Published 2005 by Match, bought at Bookshop M during Paris Photo

Stephen Gill, Hackney wick

Published 2005 by Nobody books, bought during Offprint

The missing Stephen Gill book in my collection is no longer missing. No worries, I don’t have all of his books, but this one was the most wanted. For now.

It’s like on a 90’s CD, the hidden track, here is the hidden mini book inside the book

I like the moments, people and faces caught.

Taiji Matsue, Gazetteer

Published 2005 by Daiwa Radiator Factory, distributed by Taro Nasu Gallery, bought at Le Bal books

The book comes with a print

Rinko Kawauchi, Aila

Originally published 2004 by Little More, then published 2005 by Foil , this one is a 2010 reprint (Foil), bought at Dashwood NYC while my NY trip in June

Danny Lyon, The destruction of Lower Manhattan

Published 2005 by powerHouse Books (reprint), bought in NY at MAST (66 avenue A NYC)

My best friend Mark is a huge fan of Danny Lyon, so when we went to Mast together and found this book, I felt this was a sign for all of us.

80 and 82 Beekman Street

The west side of Gold Street between Ann and Beckham Streets. The metal front of this type of building was ordered in sections from catalogs.An identical building, only a section less in length, stood on the corner of Beekman and Pearl Streets.

185 West Street at Chambers

A Reade Street entrance to 187 West Street

Beekman Street, Sunday morning. Ginco, Tonto, Frankie, John Jr., and Nelson, after exploring the buildings.

Rachel Homer

Marilyn, in an abandoned building

Self-portrait in an abandoned West Street hotel room

Dropping a wall

View through the rear wall, 89 Beekman Street

The ruins of 100 Gold Street

Merci Mark.

Tom Wood, Photie Man

Published 2005 by Steidl, bought at Le Bal books.

We did our pictures at Le Bal, where they are currently showing “Cinq √©tranges albums de famille”.

Photie man was Tom Wood’s nickname in his city of New Brighton, where he took all these amazing portraits, just walking from his house with his camera, and meeting / looking at people.

Robert Adams, Turning back

Published by Fraenkel / Matthew Marks Galleries, 2005. Can’t remember where I got it, I think it’s at my friend’s, Kai.

As you may already know, I’m very sensitive to Robert Adams work. I have seen this work at Fondation Cartier, here in Paris, 3 years ago.

Nothing much to say about this (very classical) book.

The work is - of course - very impressive.

Just because exhibitions don’t last for ever and that we need to keep memories.

Yanaka Kimi, Photographs 2001-2004

Published 2005, by Sokyu-sha, bought at Claire de Rouen, London £50

Great b&w street photography.

I’m glad we bought this one, even if its cover got very dirty in the shop.

Diane Arbus, Untitled

published by Aperture

This is a book my friend Philippe gave me for New Years. Which is great because i would never have bought this one, so it’s like one of my teacher is showing me something very important in Photography.