Jo Metson Scott, The Grey Line


Published 2013 by Dewi Lewis, bought at Le Bal










Andreas Weinand, The good Earth

Published 2013, by Peperoni books, bought at Le Bal


Keizo Kitajima, Untitled Records Vol.1

Published 2014, by Kula. Bought at Le Bal.

Nan Goldin, Eden and after

Published 2013 by Phaidon, bought at Le Bal books

I had similar sheets at the boarding school !


Love that picture.

Wish I was one of these girls !

Special thought for my brother, Damien and my mum.

The picture that decided me buy the book. Incredible.

Daisuke Yokota, Site / cloud

Published 2013 by G/P gallery - artbeat Publishers ; bought at Le Bal books.

Mark Cohen, Dark Knees

Co-published by Editions Xavier Barral, and Le Bal, 2013

signed copy

Mark Steinmetz, Paris in my time

Published  by Nazraeli, 2013. Bought at Le Bal books.

Got it signed at Le Bal, very nice meeting with Mark Steinmetz.

Daido Moriyama, Labyrinth

Published 2012 by Akio Nagasawa publishing, bought at Le Bal books. 1000 copies

signed copy

Daido Moriyama, 2013 Ikebukuro

This book is unique. I did the edit and the sequencing. Moriyma provided the pictures and his signature. This has been done during the printing show at Le Bal.

white spread. love them.

my favorite spread. Right in the middle of my book

the printing room, at Le Bal

Daido Moriyama, Record N°23

Published 2013 by Akio Nagasawa publishing, bought at The Club (Arles) / Le Bal books

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Raise the bar

Published 2013 by RVB books & Le Bal

This work is on show until September 1st at Le Bal here in Paris

David Moore, Pictures from the real world

Published 2013 by Dewi Lewis publishing, bought at th Club in Arles, Le bal books

Seba Kurtis, KIF

Published 2013 by Here Press, bought at Le Bal books