Osamu Wataya, Icon

Published 2012 by Rathole. This is a birthday present. I love it.

Osamu Wataya, Yokohama 2003

Published 2003 by Sokyu-sha

Homeless people in Yokohama

Osamu Wataya, Juvenile

Published 2010 by Rathole Gallery, bought at Schaden

Incredible pictures

Recalls something ?

I could have taken pictures of every spread…

Osamu Wataya, Childhood

Published 2010 by Rat Hole Gallery, bought at Le Bal books, 75 euros

The book shows 4 bodies of work : Amsterdam 1993-1995, Hokkaido Hometown 2007-2009, Boy at 12 2009, and Capability 2007-2009. To me Capability has something of Stephen Gill.