Lost & found project, Tsunami, Photographs and Then


Published 2014 by Akaaka. This great project has been exhibited, and now the sales from this book will be donated to help reconstruction of Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi. Go get it ! THERE
















Lost & Found Project

Published by Akaaka. After Tsunami project.

Ayako Mogi, Travelling tree

Published 2013 by Akaaka, bought during Paris Photo

Love love love love love love

Hitoshi Fugo, On the circle

Published 2012 by Akaaka, bought during Paris Photo.

Love this picture

My first look at the book, I was not into it, and then I got caught.

Nao Tsuda, Coming closer

Published by Akaaka, 2009

Gentaro Ishizuka, Lensman

Published 2009 by Akaaka, bought during our Japan trip, back in May

Yu Yamauchi, Dawn

Published 2010 by Akaaka

Yes, I can be very stupid : I bought the 2012 edition in July, but I had bought the First edition in Japan at Akaaka, in May. I should eat more fish and train my memory !

At least it’s a very nice book, so no big deal if I have 2 copies of it !

Yu Yamauchi, Dawn

Published 2012 by Akaaka, bought at Le Bal books

Arata Dodo,Taigan

Published 2012 by Akaaka

"Taigan" is a trip around the Caspian Sea, 5 countries with natural resources, and pipelines.






Eric, Look at this people

Published 2011 by Akaaka

Photographs taken in Yuunan (China). Eric shoots film, lots of 120 rolls, and you can feel in the pictures the shooting speed… the photographer press the shutter before people notice he’s there.

The spreads are very interesting. Very often you think it’s only one picture, but it’s always 2 pictures living together. Playing a part in the speed, too.

Eric compares his photographs without people to negative, and with people to positive. Love this concept.

See the short movie showing Eric taking photographs


Have a look at this video and see how Eric works

Masashi Asada, New Life / Asadake family photo album

Published by Akaaka 2010, bought during Paris Photo

We all remember “Asadake” (The Asada family), here is the second part. A new photo album. Romantism, wedding, and birth.

Do you think it’s the way we see people when we are born ?

! ! !

Yurie Nagashima, Swiss

Published 2010 by Akaaka, bought during Paris Photo

Great spread

I have been asked to be juror for the Paris Photo book prize during Paris Photo. This was organised by Aperture, and Paris Photo, and the idea was to select the best photobook of the last 15 years. There was a selection of 60 books. This one was one of the 60 books, so after the vote I ran to the Akaaka booth, and bought the book.

I was very happy and honored to be one of the jurors, I worked for a few days on this, looking at the books, and now I’m looking for a few of the selected books.

Hiroshi Nomura, Eyes

Published 2007, by Akaaka

I already bought this book, more than 2 years ago, but Hiroshi Nomura sent me this signed copy, which I’m very happy

2 pieces of paper bringing poetry and magic