One year of books

I live in Paris. This blog shows my growing book collection.

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anthony hernandez

Anthony Hernandez, Waiting, sitting, fishing and some automobiles

Published 2007 by Loosestrife Editions, it took me a while to get this one, it’s sold out, and I can’t even remember where I finally found it.

and it’s a signed copy !

I had seen the work at Le Bal, Anthony Hernandez was one of the artists shown during the 1st exhibition Anonymes.

This work is amazing. A map, red square to mark where the picture was taken,

turn the page to the spread,

and open to see the picture.

People waiting for the bus, or for the day to pass, and the fish to be caught… in LA (late 70’s / early 80’s).

People who know me know that I’m a bus addict, so most of the pictures I chose are bus stops.

It’s also a different sight on the so photogenic, and so many times photographed city.

This book is very well done, and the pictures are big, so it’s almost like if you see it during a show. Even better then because here you have the map and more views.

Anthony Hernandez, Landscape for the Homeless

Published 1995, Sprengel Museum Hannover ; bought at the Le Bal bookstore, 40 euros. This is a signed copy.

Years ago, I had bought the “Sons of Adam : Landscape for the Homeless II”. I had always thought the first book was sold out, or very expensive… until Sebastian told me he had some copies at Le Bal.

This is a kind of portrait of the LA homeless through the place where they live. I had written homes, but we can’t really call it homes, right ?