Mark Steinmetz, Paris in my time

Published  by Nazraeli, 2013. Bought at Le Bal books.

Got it signed at Le Bal, very nice meeting with Mark Steinmetz.

Mark Steinmetz, Summertime


Published 2011 by Nazraeli








Amazing pictures, great book !

Mark Steinmetz, Tuscan Trees

Published 2001 by The Jargon Society

Mark Steinmetz, Philip & Micheline

Published 2010 by TBW books, part of the subscription series #3

This is a beautiful book about love and family

Mark Steinmetz, South East

Published 2008 by Nazraeli, bought $80 at MAST BOOKS (66 avenue A, NYC) during my NY trip.

Mark Steinmetz, Greater Atlanta

Published 2009, by Nazraeli; bought at the bookstore Le Comptoir de l’Image, here in Paris (44 rue de Sévigné, 75003)

As you may already know I love going to this bookshop in le Marais, where the idea is to get lost in all the books, and get what you would have never imagined.

I’m sure I had seen the book before, but didn’t notice it (incredible, but true).

This book is amazing. The black & white is not as strong as I usually like it (speaking about tones and heavy shadows here), but I’ve been caught by the photographs.

Beautifully printed, and again, so many great pictures. Landscapes as well as portraits (which is not that easy !)