Martin Kollar, Field trip

Published by MackBooks 2013, bought during Paris Photo

Ayako Mogi, Travelling tree

Published 2013 by Akaaka, bought during Paris Photo

Love love love love love love

Lucas Blalock, Windows mirrors tabletops

Published 2013, Mörel books. Bought during Paris Photo.

Long introduction to the work

Love that corn plate, wish I had one

David Campany, Gasoline

2013, Mack books, bought during Paris Photo

Love that picture

Hitoshi Fugo, On the circle

Published 2012 by Akaaka, bought during Paris Photo.

Love this picture

My first look at the book, I was not into it, and then I got caught.

Seiji Kumagai, The title page

Published by Match and Company 2009, bought at the Bookshop M booth during Paris Photo.

Seiji Kumagai had one of his book at our PIY / Publish It Yourself exhibition last year.

Akihide Tamura, Afternoon

Published 2010 by Match and Company, distributed through Bookshop M ; I bought this one during Paris Photo, at the Bookshop M booth.

Very impressive pictures. The minimal design and format of the book are so light, this book is only photographs, no more, no less.

Yoichi Nagano, Sima-Jima

Published 2004 by Little More, I bought this one during Paris Photo in November.

Signed copy.

I love bright colors. I can feel summer coming, and happiness. Summer’s happiness.

ça mord ?

Speechless. Love love love.

Syoin Kajii, Kawa

Published 2010 by Foil, bought at Paris Photo in november. I have selected this book in my best books of 2010 / Photoeye

Syoin Kajii was there on Foil’s booth at Paris photo, so I was lucky enough to get my book signed.

I love this book, for its comtenplative part. A  wisdom feeling comes out of these water pictures.

Sharp. Sharply amazing.

The artist is a buddhist monk, there are similarities in this photography work and sutra.

Incredible !