Philippe Dumez, Reprises

Published by Poursuite, 2013, bought at Le Bal books

Daido Moriyama, Paris 88-89

Published by Poursuite, 2012, bought at the Silencio conference, a couple of days before the workshop at Polka Gallery.

that’s the photograph I’ve chosen for my silk print, on a silver paper

Benoît Grimalt, Trésor caché de la Côte d’Azur

Published 2011 by Poursuite, bought during Offprint

the usual “gri-gri” from Benoît

Benoît Grimalt, Do you know Syd Barrett ?

Published 2009 by Poursuite, bought at Le Bal in January

My very special dedication. Grigri is an “argot” word to say signature, and Grigri was Benoît Grimalt’s nickname when he was kid. He didn’t know this argot word and was very surprised when I asked him. Hum. What a coincidence !

The story of this book : how, when, why he started looking for traces of Syd Barrett.

Then a kind of photo journal, or a game.

I laughed

Laurent Chardon, Tangente

Published by Poursuite, november 2010. Got this one during Offprint, where Poursuite was sharing the table with us.

Laurent Chardon went to Oulan Bator, where he photographed the city, the snow, and human traces in the landscape