One year of books

I live in Paris. This blog shows my growing book collection.

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robert adams

Andrew Roth, The book of 101 books

Seminial Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century

Published 2001 by PPP editions, bought on Amazon $307,93

Ok. Now that I own one copy of the Bible, I can be named collector, please.

Germaine Krull, Métal, 1927

Brassaï and Paul Morand, Paris de Nuit, 1933

André Kertesz, Day of Paris, 1945

Weegee, Naked City, 1945

Paul Strand and Claure Roy, La France de Profil, 1952

Garry Winogrand, The Animals, 1969

Bill Owens, Suburbia, 1973

Robert Adams, The New West, 1974

Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan, Evidence, 1977

Bill Burke, I want to take picture, 1987

Joel Sternfeld, American Prospects, 1987

David LaChapelle, LaChapelle Land, 1996

Robert Adams, Turning back

Published by Fraenkel / Matthew Marks Galleries, 2005. Can’t remember where I got it, I think it’s at my friend’s, Kai.

As you may already know, I’m very sensitive to Robert Adams work. I have seen this work at Fondation Cartier, here in Paris, 3 years ago.

Nothing much to say about this (very classical) book.

The work is - of course - very impressive.

Just because exhibitions don’t last for ever and that we need to keep memories.

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