Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Raise the bar

Published 2013 by RVB books & Le Bal

This work is on show until September 1st at Le Bal here in Paris

Stéphanie Solinas, Sans titre, M. Bertillon

Published 2012 by RVB books

Here is another weird book by Stéphanie Solinas (the first weird and amazing book was Dominique Lambert).

A portrait of M. Bertillon, that I could rebuild 3D following the instructions here, but I won’t, too dangerous.

Christine Otten & Erik Kessels, Good luck

Published by KesselsKramer, distributed by RVB in France, bought during Offprint

Great nostalgic feel on those pictures, especially for us French people…

Ruth van Beek, The hibernators

Published 2011 by RVB books, bought during Offprint

I love the binding

Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine, The significant savages

Published 2011 by RVB Books, 55 euros

Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine must have spent hours and hours on Facebook, and made a collection of profile pictures. Then he organised them (nature, animals, transport…).

All the pictures are linked together thanks to the printing.

Geoffroy de Boismenu, Image system

Published 2011 by RVB books, bought at Le Bal books, 35 euros

Enlarged polaroids, no binding. The book is loose and the sequencing is up to the owner/ reader.

America is often shown as a welcoming land, especially with the use of the nostalgic warm happy polaroids. Here it is different. Pictures show the hardness of living in the US, cold, poor and difficult country.

Thomas Mailaender, Extrem tourism

Published 2011 by RVB books, I bought this one during the RVB signature organised at Le Bal books this Thursday, 17 euros

L’arroseur arrosé

Vulcano cooking


See Thomas Mailaender’s website and check his other works