Mike Slack, Scorpio

Published by The Ice Plant, 2006

Ron Jude, Other nature

Published 2008 by the Ice Plant, bought at Dashwood

Ed Panar, Animals that saw me

Published 2011 by the Ice Plant

So simple it makes it so strong. I know it’s not 100% birds, but still. Many birds in this one.

Jason Fulford, Raising frogs for $$$

Published 2006 by The Ice Plant, bought during Offprint in November

This book shows pictures of Jason Fulford’s archive, there are 8 chapters.

Love Fulford’s eye.

great spread

Looking at the pictures I was feeling some of them were taken in France, answer is at the end of the book, and yes ! I was right. A few of them in Paris, and one in Wimereux, for example. North of France, not the dream beach for most of the French people.