Tom Wood, Men Women

Published by Steidl, 2013

Well, you all know about my love for Tom Wood’s work !

Tom Wood, F/M

Published 2011 by Le Bleu du Ciel / Editions 205

Tom Wood, Looking for love

Published 1989 by Cornerhouse Publications

It’s been a few months I’ve been looking for… this book. So happy to own it now.

Hope you had great holidays, welcome back in our books !

Tom Wood, All zones off peak

Published 1998 by Dewi Lewis Publishing, bought at Oliver Wood at Hypermkt in Arles

Becoming a Tom Wood addict

Tom Wood, Bus Odyssey

Published 2001 by Hatje Cantz, bought at Le Plac’Art

I love Tom Wood’s work. The way he photographs people and share with them.

This picture reminds me of this one by Larry Sultan. Newspaper and light.

Tom Wood, Photie Man

Published 2005 by Steidl, bought at Le Bal books.

We did our pictures at Le Bal, where they are currently showing “Cinq ├ętranges albums de famille”.

Photie man was Tom Wood’s nickname in his city of New Brighton, where he took all these amazing portraits, just walking from his house with his camera, and meeting / looking at people.