One year of books

I live in Paris. This blog shows my growing book collection.

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viviane sassen

Patrick Rémy, The Art of Fashion Photography

Published 2014 by Prestel

Mikael Jansson

Namsa Leuba

Lise Sarfati

Guido Mocafico

Billy Kidd

Clare Strand

Jeff Burton

Tyrone Lebon

Solve Sundsbo

Daniel Riera

Viviane Sassen

Jeff Burton

Michael Mannheim Evanet

Camille Vivier

Launch of the book at 0fr, Paris. Tuesday 8th April, 7.00pm. Details here.

Viviane Sassen, Sketches

Published by Kominek 2010, bought them the book during Offprint

Signed copy

Viviane Sassen takes many polaroids, for her it’s a way to explain her work to the people she photographs. This book seems to be the b-side project for Flamboya. Well, not b-side, complement project.

Viviane Sassen, Flamboya


Contrasto, 2010. Bought during Kominek

Back in June, a friend of mine told me about this book. I think I had seen it on the web, but didn’t pay attention. She told me how much she liked the design of the book, with the cut pages that let the reader see part of the next picture / spread. And of course, if someone tells me about a book, I need it.


Skins and colours are dark and strong, the faces/characters are not that important. The main thing here is politic, poor and rich gaps, colonialism, and AIDS.